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Hi guys,

When Ryzen was first announced I knew that I was going to create a new project. I had really thought to wait until next year to build something new but as AMD made a return to the arena, slowly but surely the nostalgia memories woke up and took me back to my first ”own” build with an Athlon Thunderbird that I did waaaay back in 2000. Man that was one of my best memories, it was rocking 512 MB RAM, Geforce DDR graphics card housed in a Chieftec Dragon fullower chassi. I broke into the GHz club with that fucker.  With those memories bubbling, It did not take many days until a Ryzen 1800X was in my hands!

Without further ado, I present my project Project Nevada.

The idea of ​​this build was to create something that is stylish, silent and with red and white touches. Custom water cooling with acrylic tubes was not a part of this project, I had enough with my last project ”Yellow Bastard” to not want to consider custom water cooling for a while.  I instead opted for a EKWB XLC-Predator 360, an extreme cooler with the custom water cooling look as well as being expandable if I want to add the GPU:s in the loop further down the road, buit without the need to bleed your system and refill/clean like you do with a custom built loop. While a custom loop was a great deal of fun (and hardship) involved to make, it was not the most user friendly. So I opted to build a system that will last for a while without maintenance, as this is supposed to be my everyday rig. .


Chassi: In-Win 909 Silver
PSU: EVGA G2 1600W
MB: MSI X370 Xpower Titanium (Curiosa: Initially thought it would be an Xpower titanium due to color theme, but it was nowhere to be bought so I decided to go with ASUS Crosshair VI, which was DOD and replaced by an X370 MSI Xpower Titanium that had just came into stock. So It was meant to be!
CPU: AMD Ryzen 1800X (insert heavy breathing)
Cooler: EKWB Predator XLC-360 (Curiosa: Initially meant to be Kraken X62, , but I had to wait over 4 weeks to get the AM4 Kit from NZXT so I decided to use my XLC-360 I had lying around)
RAM: 32GB DDR4 3200MHz Corsair Dominator Platinum Limited Edition Chroma (beauties!) I that RAM is not really THAT important as long as you get pretty decent frequency but I wanted some bling bling for this build.
GPU (s): 2 x EVGA Titan X SC (GM200 (Maxwell)) (Gutted from the previous build, and I know it is blasphemy to not have an AMD card here BUT as soon as VEGA is released, the two titans will be split and one will go into the HTPC used for VR and the other into my significant other’s build.
Other: NZXT AER RGB fans and LED strips with HUE + for some more bling.
Custom casemodstickers, custom PSU cables from Cablemod. Ugly modification by yours truly using a hacksaw in the chassis to accommodate the monster PSU.





For more pictures check out my gallery on



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