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Hello everyone!

Thought I present my latest project – That Yellow Bastard – and my first experiment with water cooling, hard tubing nonetheless!

I’ve been working on this little project for almost a month and I finally finished it a couple of days ago. Are you ever really ”finished” though? Seems like I could go on improving things, indefinetely. Anyway I had been thinking about doing something like this for quite a while, ever since I saw Lian Li’s first presentation of the beautiful PC-O7S case. It was a bit cumbersome to find a reseller in Europe who had the case in stock and it was eventually ordered from as soon as they had it in stock (finding a reseller in Sweden was just impossible).

The case is incredibly beautiful, but it’s beauty is equally matched by the difficulty and the challenges that are presented to you when building in the case. I have encountered problems at almost every component installation and have been forced to resort to both drill and hacksaw many times, as you can see in the pictures.


RAM: Kingston HyperX Predator 2666 DDR4 CL13
CPU: Intel Core i7 5820K
GPU: EVGA Titanium X SC
PSU: EVGA G2 1600W
SSD: Samsung EVO 850 + 500GB Crucial M550 250GB
Case: Lian Li PC-O7SX
PSU cables: Cablemod E-Series Black / Yellow
Screen: Samsung UE40JU6675 4K @ 60Hz (can confirm to anyone interested that it is possible to run this TV in 60Hz with 4: 4: 4 chroma to the PC As long as you have support for HDMI 2.0 and do some settings on your TV .

Water Cooling Components:
CPU Block: EKWB – Supremacy EVO
Radiator: EKWB – EK-Cool Stream PE 360
Fans: AKASA – Viper 120 PWM
Pump: EKWB – EK-D5 Vario
Reservoir: EKWB – X-RES 140 (reservoir / pump combo)
Tubing: EKWB – HD Hard Acrylic Tubing + Primo Chill soft tube (for traction at the rear)
Fittings: EKWB – HDC fittings
Water: EKWB – Yellow Pastel

I still have some changes to make to the case before I am satisfied, among other things a vinyl that shows That Yellow Bastard from Sin City,. to be added to the glass or reservoir, or I might go with a biohazard symbol on the reservoir. Ordered some stickers to the front, and some cablecombs to make the cabling a lot cleaner. I went with a black and yellow theme throughout the build and I will probably paint the RAM (every other stick) yellow as well as some part of the Titan X graphics card.. Even bought an PCI-E Riser as you only get one that is 30CM, this is not enough to connect your GPU to the top PCI-E port, which is mandatory in many cases. Also, I might throw in another Titan X in to the mix at some point when my wallet has recovered.

Modifications I made:

– Hacksaw  through backplate to get the monster of 16A cable that came with EVGA 1600W through the back.
– Hacksaw  rear I / O plate once again to get that 16A cable. Total 2 pieces were removed.
– Drilled holes in the plate in order to fasten the pump / reservoir combo.
– Used long screws in the PSU to extend the PSU down, so that the above mentioned monster cable is not blocking the last radiator fan, unfortunately this meant the reservoir had to be mounted on a 45 degree angle, which came out pretty neat anyway in the end! 🙂

P.S. I know that one tube looks a little weird, but it was a bit of an emergency solution to make room for SLI, hence the ugly deformities. It fulfills it’s role, and I think it came out a little charming in the end. You can see in the earlier images that I used reservoir top as intake, which is not recommended from the manufacturer, hence the change I did.


Hope you like the result!


Best regards,


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