My Monster Build!

Hello peeps,

This post will mostly please the hardware enthusiasts out there as it is about my monster desktop setup. Since I never did a proper ”show and tell” about it when I built it a few months ago, I thought that this new
site and techblog would be a great stage to showcase it. I built this monster with the latest and greatest in bleeding edge technology, in order for it to be capable of displaying crisp 4K graphics with all
settings maxed out! With that in mind I read as much reviews and intel roadmaps I could to make sure my system would be future proof and 4K ready.

Let’s begin with the specifications:

6-core Intel Core i7 5820k

Corsair RM 750 W



32GB DDR4 Kingston HyperX Predator 2666MHz CL13

Samsung EVO 850 500 GB (data storage disk)
1 x Crucial M550 256 GB (system disk)

Corsair Carbide Air 540 Cube

CPU Cooler:
Corsair H100i

Since onboard Audio usually is not up to par with my audiophile needs when streaming or playing lossless audio, I decided to shell out some extra cash and go with an external DAC/headphone amplifier.
After a lot of searching and listening to different headphones and amplifiers, I decided to go with the NAD D1050 Headphone amp.
This has been one of the best investments I have done since I still get blown away by the clarity and definition that the amp delivers everytime I listen to music.

Grados PS500 (Premium HiFi headphones)

LG 34UM95 3840x1440p with 21:9 aspect ratio.

Building the computer was a breeze, Corsair has really done an awesome with the 540.
For starters, installing the motherboard was a delight. Corsair includes a mounting/alignment post for the center motherboard mount, and the standoffs are already prepared for an ATX form factor. I’m not
sure Corsair could’ve made mounting the motherboard any easier. And because the case is designed with enough headroom for radiators in the top and front, your hands never feel crunched. It’s spacious but
doesn’t feel like an inefficient use of space. I recommend this case to everyone that asks me about which case they should buy, if overclocking is a factor, don’t hesitate to buy this!
But, it does come with a sacrifice, noise. While the noise level is not that bad, Corsair is using three very powerful 140mm fans, and while they’re not especially noisy, they’re not silent either. I decided
to switch them out to Corsairs own SP140 Quiet fans, which probably did impact the temperature a few degrees, but the tradeoff is very well worth it!

I also did some modifications in order to get the color scheme as I wanted:

Replaced H100i Radiator fans with Corsair SP120 Quiet red LED Fans
Replaced case fans with SP140 Quiet red LED Fans
Replaced PSU cables with custom red sleeves

Now, for those of you that might think that this is a bit overkill, I do contribute lot of the beasts resources to folding at home projects, such as SETI@Home and ATLAS@Home, as for the excessive RAM I use RAMDISK
and also some Virtual Machines as well as a bit of recording.

For those of you interested in benchmarks, this rig scored 16545 on the FIRE STRIKE EXTREME 1.1 test of 3DMark.

Take care everyone!


Posted on 9 maj, 2015 in Fun, Gaming, Technology

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