Hands on with Oculus Rift DK2!

Hi there peeps,

Those of you that know me know how crazy I am about Virtual Reality, I have been dreaming about it for years ever since I heard of the Oculus Project (and long before that, ever since I read about the VR cyberspace in William Gibsons Neuromancer). So, a few days ago I finally received my Oculus Rift DK2 (Dev Kit 2)! I have been tinkering around with it since and thought I would gather my input here for those that are interested.

The box itself is very nice and clean looking and once you open it up you really don’t think it is simply a Dev Kit but a commercial product. It includes all accessories you need as well as a good manual on how to get started (see picture on box content). It took a couple of minutes to hook everything up and download the Oculus runtime from oculus.com but overall it was a simple and pleasant experience.

Now, I was pretty worried that my glasses would be a problem with the Oculus, and my worries was not for nothing, It is not a comfortable experience using the oculus with glasses, and I am too nearsighted to use the B lenses properly. And the Oculus Lens is VERY easily scratched (both by my glasses and the supplied cloth!). I bought an Iphone display cover and glued it on top of the lens to be on the safe side. For those of you comfortable wearing contacts, I recommend it over trying my approach.

OK,  On to the demos! tried out about 20 different demos but before I continue I just have to say wow. Just, wow. I never thought that it would be THIS good. I started my Oculus experience with a demo called Airdrift and instantly remembered my fear of heights, lol. Such an immersive and open world flight sim. Quick turns did give me a bit of nausea though, but nothing too uncomfortable.After having my mind blown by Airdrift, I moved on to try out ”Knock Knock”  by Tore Knabe.  This demo is fantastic as it experiments with binaural sound effects, which gave me a real shock when I heard the knock first time as I thought a madman was outside my door. I do have a pair of audiophile headphones though so I am sure that helped (Grados PS500) a bit.Then I tried out DeepEcho by Raffaele Picca, which lets you explore the under water depths of a hostile alien world. Now this demo is really well made and I recommend it as a first Oculus Experience to everyone.

From Facebooks Oculus Rift, to Valve’s recently announced HTC Vive, to Microsoft’s new found love to VR in their upcoming Windows 10 Hololens. Not to mention Sony’s Morpheus that is going to bring VR to the console gamers. I am truly ecstatic about being alive right now as the age of VR is unfolding before my eyes. It is going to be a spectacular year, for sure.


”I think people have always wanted to experience the impossible. That’s one of the reasons games have caught on. They want to actually do things themselves, have a say in how that world works, instead of just watching someone else do it.”

– Palmer Luckey



Links to the demos mentioned.

AirDrift             https://share.oculus.com/app/airdrift

Knock Knock   http://tore-knabe.com/virtual-reality#KnockKnock

DeepEcho       http://deepecho.pixelgod.net/




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