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Vad är egentligen Ethereum? (Kryptoskolan del 1)

Vad är Ethereum? Ethereum är en open source-plattform baserad på blockchain-teknologi för att skapa och distribuera smarta kontrakt och decentraliserade applikationer. Phew, nu har vi fått definitionen ur vägen. Men vad betyder det egentligen? För att svara på denna fråga så krävs det att vi först beskriver hur internet idag fungerar. Idag lagras våra personuppgifter, lösenord och…

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My hands on review with the HTC Vive VR consumer headset!

Hello Guys, I finally received my Vive about 5 days ago and have been playing with it since. I thought I would make a small post about it to update the tech blog a bit but I wanted some days to go by so I could give an honest and nuanced review of it. First,…

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That Yellow Bastard – X99

Hello everyone! Thought I present my latest project – That Yellow Bastard – and my first experiment with water cooling, hard tubing nonetheless! I’ve been working on this little project for almost a month and I finally finished it a couple of days ago. Are you ever really ”finished” though? Seems like I could go on…

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My thoughts on Windows 10 Tech Preview

Hi peeps, Since Microsoft has really stirred up a buzz with their Hololens preview at the 2015 //Build event a week ago for the upcoming release of Windows 10 and the unified one OS for all devices, I thought I should give my take on the Windows 10 Tech preview I have been using thus far.…

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Hands on with Oculus Rift DK2!

Hi there peeps, Those of you that know me know how crazy I am about Virtual Reality, I have been dreaming about it for years ever since I heard of the Oculus Project (and long before that, ever since I read about the VR cyberspace in William Gibsons Neuromancer). So, a few days ago I finally…

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