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AMD has Ryzen! – Project Nevada

Hi guys, When Ryzen was first announced I knew that I was going to create a new project. I had really thought to wait until next year to build something new but as AMD made a return to the arena, slowly but surely the nostalgia memories woke up and took me back to my first ”own”…

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My hands on review with the HTC Vive VR consumer headset!

Hello Guys, I finally received my Vive about 5 days ago and have been playing with it since. I thought I would make a small post about it to update the tech blog a bit but I wanted some days to go by so I could give an honest and nuanced review of it. First,…

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That Yellow Bastard – X99

Hello everyone! Thought I present my latest project – That Yellow Bastard – and my first experiment with water cooling, hard tubing nonetheless! I’ve been working on this little project for almost a month and I finally finished it a couple of days ago. Are you ever really ”finished” though? Seems like I could go on…

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My Monster Build!

Hello peeps, This post will mostly please the hardware enthusiasts out there as it is about my monster desktop setup. Since I never did a proper ”show and tell” about it when I built it a few months ago, I thought that this new site and techblog would be a great stage to showcase it.…

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Hands on with Oculus Rift DK2!

Hi there peeps, Those of you that know me know how crazy I am about Virtual Reality, I have been dreaming about it for years ever since I heard of the Oculus Project (and long before that, ever since I read about the VR cyberspace in William Gibsons Neuromancer). So, a few days ago I finally…

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